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Hello to you

24 Mar


I am Henry Clark, former piano man and trumpeteer for a British band called The Rumble Strips. I am soon embarking on an adventure and here is where you can follow me on it.

I have recently recorded a little album, and rather than form a band here in London, play some gigs, have a bit of a laugh and then give up, I have decided instead to go to South Korea and try to form a band there.

I’m not quite sure how this vague idea became a plan and how this plan became a reality, but it is now a fact that on May 17th (the day after my 32nd birthday) I will be getting on the 7.52am train from my home-village of Bere Alston in Devon, together with all the regular Bere Alston to Plymouth commuters. Only this time I won’t be stopping in Plymouth. My train journey won’t end (give or take a few scheduled changes) until I reach Beijing, one month later. It will then be a matter of a short ferry-hop to my new home of Busan, South Korea, where I will spend a year teaching English and trying to get a band off the ground. I have no idea what to expect, but whatever happens will be recorded here, in as many formats as I can get my head around.

Oh, and as a little enticement for you, I’ll be making a new track available each month for you to hear, leading up to the album’s grand release on Records Records Records records in August 2012, when hopefully I shall return to London, Korean super group in-tow, play a few gigs, have a bit of a laugh and then, inevitably, give up.

That’s the plan anyway. ┬áLet’s see what occurs…